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Regarding the collaboration sub-forum I suppose and people’s profiles. I wondered whether it may be possible, in the future, to perhaps have a bit of a pick list/tick boxes of items on a section under the profile, such as “programming”, “2D art”, “3D modelling” and so on…

If we announced to the members the purpose of capturing what they either have experience in, or would like to gain experience of, there maybe a way to get some lists of people gathered more easily for collaborative projects. You could maybe include an opt out option or something.

The idea is a little vague at the moment as I’ve not drawn anything out in too much detail, but its basically capture some info, search within that info, notify people that match the criteria. Bring people together.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:


I like this Idea :smiley:

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OK, how about a drop-down for your PRIMARY interest consisting of just three options…

Game Design & Business
Development (programming)
Creative (sound and art)

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Could give it a try I suppose and see maybe what the up-take is across the user base. It feels a bit limited, but equally I appreciate enabling a user to select all of the options would be a little pointless to.

The whiz-bang value would be if we were able to pull the data from those selections and link to them, so in the collaboration forum for example, you could list all of the people who are interested in x, all of the people in y and so on…

Without this second part I don’t believe it has no value, but it is significantly reduced, users would have to always look at another members profile in order to see what they are interested in - in which cause you may as well just post a topic, set it as a wiki and use the @ username functionality with a word next to it “development” for example… everyone would be able to see it all in one place… just massively loses the automation…

I think you are talking about groups, but I’m not sure of a way of people adding themeslives.

Kind of I guess yes, but viewable perhaps in a list form, so that people can see everyone who is in it perhaps. You often see people strike up little friendships online and it might be that they would instinctively buddy up with those people if they knew they were part of that group.

I think we’ll have to leave people to meet in interest groups (e.g. Blender, Unity, etc) for now.

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