Last weekend I took the exam and finished in 45 minutes, half the time allowed. I got an 89.89%, but I round up to 90 :slight_smile:

We were specifically asked not to discuss the questions by Unity, to keep it fair. That said, I would advise that you spend some time getting familiar with Unity Services. I have always been a hobbyist and tinkerer and never really used the services, so I was caught a bit off guard. The Unity Evangelist said there is a free version of every services so you can try-out each of them.

I am glad I took the course that Sam and Ben provided. They did a good job and it was really nice as a guide to work through the various areas of Unity Development, although I would recommend spending extra time exploring each area on your own, especially those you don’t use regularly.

Best of luck to you all!


Congrats on a great grade! I’m looking forward to tackling the certification myself one day… :smiley:


@Powersprite that rocks. I totally agree about the Unity Services section. We will be diving into that in detail as it’s an area many won’t have touched before.

Thanks for the insight! I’ll be sure to keep that in mind when I’m actually ready to take the test. :slight_smile:

I am also looking forward to writing the certification exam, which is why I enrolled for both the VR course and the Certification course by Sam and Ben. Unfortunately, there are no exams scheduled for the UK anytime soon. However, I contacted Unity about it and this is what they had to say:

“We are starting to add more and more events like this to the calendar so keep an eye out here (note that you also have the option of letting our team know that you would like us to visit your area again at the bottom of the page–entering your contact info here will also put you on the list to be updated when we do have another event in your region). My guess is that you will be able to attend another Unity sponsored certification event first but just wanted to let you know, as side yet related note, that we are also working towards an exam delivery method where candidates can go to local testing centers. This option will provide greater frequency. Stay tuned for more information on that effort.”

I hope this means we will soon be able to schedule individual exams at accredited centres without waiting for a large numbers of people to be interested/ready.