Subdividing - Vertex / Edge / Face Context Menu

Hi guys, there is one thing that got me confused in this lecture. At some point there is an update from Mark who is saying, that the context menu was renamed from face to vertex context menu, because it was incorrectly named in previous version of Blender. The thing is, Mike is in face mode when using context menu and Mark is in vertex mode. In my version (2.91.0) context menu name is determined by the editing mode I’m in, and all modes allow you to subdivide. I think this is worth explaining but correct me if I’m wrong. And it’s also worth saying that I really value those updates from Mark, because usually he is answering the question before I even ask it.


Thanks for posting this.
We will be looking at blender at some point in the new year but i will be looking at a changes video very early in the new year to try and cover more updates as well

Thanks again

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