Strange face modification when scaling an edge up


So my problem is a bit off-topic bc. it happens on scaling edges up. So when in the video a default cube is opened and one of it’s bottom edges is pulled out then scaled up everything looks normal. But in my … Here are the pictures:

So this is what I expect to happen when I execute such operation.

And this is what happens on the other side.

I tried to scale up all the bottom edges and this type of error (?) happens on the right side everytime.

BTW. I probably met this “error” before when creating the block plane, I just didn’t realize it when it happened, so I thought I messed something up.

Just one solution I found which is more a workaround than a solution is to delete the face, select the verticies which defined the given face and create the face ( I mean the F key on the keyboard ) again. The newly created face looks as it is supposed to look ( I dunno maybe the previous face was the supposed one )

So the Question is why is this happening and how to solve it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT #1: Nope the workaround I mentioned earlier doesn’t work. It did work with the plane, but not in this case ( the cube ) what is a bit confusing, bc the plane was a bit more complex thing than this cube.

EDIT #2: Applying the workaround on the other side ( the one I labeled as expected behaviour, the first picture ) changes it to the same as on the second picture.

EDIT #3: Okey, so I was going forward in the course and I’m at lecture 34 and I was modifying the top cube of the pyramid and I had to actualy create an edge and create two faces to make the magic happen.




Here I created the same edge on the other side to.

Oh and yes. I wasn’t rescaling anything directly, I was translateing edges.

Are you trying to scale the red X-ax, but using the Y-ax?
Command sy does this on your edge.
May confused with grabbing the edge, keystroke gx

Um I’m not really sure what are u saying here. What I was doing in the case of the cube is I pressed s for scaling and y to lock it on the Y axis, than pull the mouse to scale it. In the case of the top of the pyramid, I wasn’t rescaling, but translating the edges along the Z axis in the positive direction, to lift them.

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