Strange Animations NavMeshPRobably


only in a single location of map ( after a lot of tests ts only them) some enemies ( i thing mostly enemies who patroling get some strange animations ) most of this come when they die, the strange animations is characters rotation around themselfes or even fly to the air, sometimes i can see without press to walk somewhere see my character slides. I post a picture of strange rotation and also enemy into the air:

Your screenshot is… very very dark… Not sure what’s up there.

Disabling the character’s Capsule Collider on death may fix many of these issues.

sorry for the huge delay @Brian_Trotter .

First i would share a video about the problem occure when an enemy dies. :

then some strange slides that my character may i run into thats the two problems i ve :

i thing i found the problem or i was unlucky that after 3 playtests didnt occured again… i had 2 character prefabs… some enemies and player was based on one some others on second , the problem was that one had isKinematic the other didnt had it… if the problem occure again i would re post sorry :slight_smile: @Brian_Trotter

That’s exactly what I was going to suggest (but for future videos, turn up the lighting a bit lot). It’ll make it easier to see what’s going on

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