Strange Animation Statemachine for my Mars Marine Spider

My Problem:
My AnimationGraph Statemachine on the Alien seems to be reset once it is outside of attack range.

Anim_BP_Spider (EventGraph)

Anim_BP_Spider (AnimGraph> Locomotion)

This works like a charm for the initial “spawn” (the spider is falling from the sky :joy:)
Then I’ll let my spider into attack range. and it attacks myself.
When I leave that attack range the spider starts with the “spawn” state again.

Does anyone know why? Or does someone even know how I may fix this?

Can you show us your BP_Alien as well? Should help with narrowing down the problem.

Thank you for taking the time to look into it.

Sure. I’m happy to give as much information so others can help me to understand where the issue comes from.


This is not 100% as in the course and I already added a little bit.
The stuff with the attack animations is working (random left/right attack)

If you need anything else: let me know.
If you need access to the whole project then I’ll prepare a link for that too.

Btw. I’m using the provided “Alien Teleport” Animation for spawning.
And the transition between Spawn and Idle/Walk is

Gotcha! I had missed that initial part of the problem.

Sounds like the state machine is effectively restarting every time the Alien stops attacking.

I’m not at my computer right now with an example, but it might suit you better to have the spawn animation play outside of the state machine, with a bool to swap to the state machine once spawning is done.

I’ll play with this idea a bit and let you know what I find.

Hey tuomo.

Thank you very much.
I’m currently on vacation but as soon as I am home again I’ll check wether I can resolve the issue with the boolean flag as you’ve mentioned.

If you have enough time to play around and check it yourself I’m happy to see the results.

Anyway: I’m rather curious why the state machine might be reset. Cause that makes now sense to me … :thinking:

Hey Tuomo

Did you already find something out?
I’d be more than happy to discuss and share ideas :wink:

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