Sticking with GPU

So, both my GPU (GTX 780) and CPU (i7-4770K) are overclocked and watercooled.
Turns out the CPU really does suck for rendering!

This was a really interesting exercise to see how drastically the rendering times can be affected by different settings. The computer nerd in me really wants to hone all of these now to get the best possible render for the least amount of time.

Here’s how I got on.

Leaving the resolution the same and only messing around with the number of tiles and the tile rendering order.

CPU (which grinds everything else to a halt!)
8 x 8 with Hilbert Spiral - 4:25
No matter what I did I couldn’t get it below 4 mins.

512 x 512 - 1:18
At this tile size there was only 4 on screen, so it didn’t really make a difference which rendering order I used.

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