Steam Callbacks are not Initializing

Hello, sorry to double ping the discussions for this video.

I simply cannot get my game working on Steam, and I believe I’ve followed this video to my fullest extent as I’ve crawled through it twice now looking for errors in my code (I am using Mirror v26.2.2 & FizzySteamworks v2.6).

My game fails to load the next menu when I try to host a lobby through Steam. I’ve logged messages on the screen to see exactly where the game fails to continue, and I found that the code fails when it tries to setup the Steam Callbacks in the Start() method. When I then try to host a lobby (despite knowing the Callback code setup failed), the game fails to load the next menu through the Callback functions and clears the current UI, leaving the screen blank with just the title text.

Currently, I am pretty stumped and hope to hear soon about a possible solution. In the meanwhile, I’ll continue to fumble around for a possible answer… :pensive:

you made sure to set up the RTSNetworkManager correctly, by disabling the KCP transport, adding the Fizzy Steamworks component and then dragging the Fizzy Steamworks component to the “Transport” part of the RTSNetworkManager?

Hello lometur! Thanks for the help! …Saddly yes, I did make sure to do this. I couldn’t really find out what the problem was, but I solved it by downloading the instructor’s project from the online repository. I transferred all my scripts, prefabs, and scenes to his project and it ended up working. I’m really not sure what I screwed up, but at least it’s working now… sorry for the unsatisfying answer :confused:

Just kidding! It was because in the MainMenu script I randomly decided to edit a Server-Only Var. That’s what caused the client to crash. Sorry, that definitely took me a while to figure out.

Ahh I got ya! Glad you figured it out!

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