Steal landscape from Mars

Too lazy to draw landscape yourself? Get black’and’white crater image from NASA gallery, blur it and invert colors.
Import to your project, flatten some area. I’ve got something like this:


lol. U mite as well paint one in photoshop and/or play around with filters at that point though. I bet even a simple difference clouds would look okay.

Now I think, in common landscapes are made in image editor and then imported and finalized in the landscape editor.

I mean it also depends on what your making the landscape for. if you want a randomized area or if you are planning a sick ass open world map with careful thought to how the battlezone and bases should play out. Which often may require some randomization but depends on wut ur doing

The last time i played a game with good landscapes was Joint Operations in 2004 though

And you can do cooler: search for “heightmap mars” images
and you get tonnes of ready landscapes :rocket:

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