Starting over with the Unity class

So, it has been a long time since I had begun the Unity course, probably close to a year, and life (as well as a wild Unreal C++ class) happened and I’ve realized I’m out of touch with Unity and I feel like diving into Unreal only did myself a disservice without at least coming to grasp Unity and after seeing Ben’s Unity vs Unreal thread, it made me realize I have to crawl before I walk (and of course, the first game I ultimately want to make is going to be a Gamedev Tycoon like sim which will be predominately a 2D game, so no sense using Unreal for that). Of course, I forgot most of everything I learned, so I figured it’s time to start from the intro and move my way on.

Has anyone else been in the same situation? Please tell me I’m not the only one haha.

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Hey @PiratePoots, I have seen a few people take a break and come back to it and then often restart from the beginning. I think it’s probably easier to just start at the beginning and enjoy working your way through than trying to remember where you what, what you did last and then having to flick back and forth trying to find answers.

I myself stopped the Unity course at one point, took a break, then Ben’s book inspired me to get back into it and I liked the idea of the 24 chapters / 1 hour etc. So I worked my way through that with the intention of then getting back into the course afterwards.

You will probably find you actually remember more than you think once you start working through it. A lot of things will be more familiar this time around than perhaps the first time around.

So, rest assured, you’re not the only one :slight_smile:

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lol Good to hear. I always feel bad when I think “man. I really didn’t soak up all t hat information apparently…”

I’m proficient enough in C# to be able to figure things out with plenty of google searching if I become stuck, but I just feel like I should remember more than I really do haha.

Either way, I started the course up again last night so we’ll see how I do xD


Fantastic! Well done :slight_smile:

Sometimes I think it can help to have a little bit of accountability too, when we do things on our own it’s easy to stop/not start/put things off because we are only really answering to ourselves. As you work through the course again maybe pop up the links/images to the Showcase forum and tell people how you plan to extend the game and importantly when by, you’ll have a little bit of accountability then as you know that there will be people here waiting to see what you have added.

Looking forward to seeing your games :slight_smile:

I am/was in a similar situation. I started on the Unity course when it came out and then when Unity changed their licensing structure and removing pay upfront options for the Pro license which I had for Unity 4 and 5 I thought I’d look at Unreal Engine. I get why they added subscriptions but I don’t need their new tools so didn’t subscribe. Does mean my Unity 5.6 isn’t updated anymore though :frowning:

So I looked at Ben’s Unreal course but decided to come back when Ben went back to Unity for his new course. I took a look at the new course and realised I was out of touch with Unity so started this course again :slight_smile:

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