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I recently picked up a student edition of adobe CC. It includes substance for texturing my models. I probably should have held off but I figured why not since I would need it to design some of the UI for the game I want to build anyways. Just figured I’d ask the community on how they have decided to texture their models and what they have found works for them. Currently I am using blender and am getting more comfy building things. Also looking into UE4 and adobe substance source and was wondering if anyone had reviews for that.

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Lucky for you there are plenty of discussions about this on this forum.

You can easily find that using the search function, like this:

Good luck.

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For me personally, It is better to use Blender for everything and follow the complete course. Because then you have knowledge about 3D development in general. Understanding the basic concepts of how a wireframe with triangular faces is transformed into a beautiful illustration.

Substance painter is just a very smart photoshop, where layer handling is automated. And a library of beautiful textures based on this automated process. And yes out of the box you get realistic results.
But then you don’t know what’s the logic behind this.

On the other hand, if you use Blender, where you need to build a material hand by hand, layer for layer. You better understand how this material and texture design works. From normal maps to ambient occlusion, bump or heightmaps, displacement maps, shininess, roughness, z-depth …
It gives you also a better insight into how Substance works and why it is such a handy piece of software. It is nothing more than a huge time saver. Because of the Photoshop layers smartness. That’s why pro’s use it. And students for the easy and beautiful texturing. because they don’t bother about the theory behind it.

It’s like a cook which makes a beautiful dish from several ingredients from the market. And a frozen pizza from the factory. What do you prefer?


Thanks I was thinking we might have some people with some good work flows and wanted to pick their brain.

I’m starting to understand the node system pretty well, I am about 80% done with my first blender class and feel like I can make some interesting things. Haha as for pizza I like mine with as little prep as possible. I have played around a little bit and yeah you can make some cool stuff from an initial glance. I appreciate the input and it does make a lot of sense. The best way to get more familiar for me would be to mess around with it so that might take some time. I’ll drop stuff in as I play around. I appreciate the advice :slight_smile:

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