'Starfighter1' - challenge model


Here’s my first model from the challenge, put together with scaled and rotated basic meshes!

I went ahead and imported the model into my unity project (although it looks a bit silly because the bullets fire out of the nose cone and I put the guns on the wings, but I can adjust the bullet spawn point if I decided to keep this model or one like it).

I’m not really sure if it’s the right way to do it, but I just deleted the capsule mesh that was the old placeholder, and added this as a child of my ‘player’ object, rotated/translated/scaled until it was pointing the right way and more-or-less fitting in the capsule collider.

If anybody has tips on best practices for using these models in unity, let me know. I intend to be importing a lot more of them as I go through the course and beyond (I mean, that’s why I’m going through the course after all!)