Squiggles last about 10-20 seconds every time I edit a header file

Hi guys, I know there are lots of posts about slow IntelliSense here and on other websites, and I tried adding /Yu and disabling Windows Defender and the problem persists. What I did was I added /Yu to my BuildingEscape project and closed the program, compiled via Unreal and relaunched VS, but no luck. So I deleted all the VS files in accordance with lecture 80. Resetting your Unreal Project, but still no luck.
I don’t get any issues when I edit any of my cpp files and even using macros work really fast, but when I make any modification–and I mean ANY modification, even something like adding a new line without actually changing any code–to any of my h files, autocomplete and error checking stops for 20 seconds until the squiggles are gone.
Is this a normal behaviour?

p.s. /Yu disappears when I nuke vs files and rebuild via Unreal, so I had to readd them after.

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