Spitfire animation


Here is my eevee render for this section :sweat_smile:

I guess plane is a bit slow and there are much room for improvement but I am open for any feedbacks. :grinning:



And here is the cycles render, shadows are definitely better

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Nice slow motion flyby. Not sure a plane can twist sideways to get between buildings, I think it turns them?

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This maneuver seems pretty realistic. The plane is rolling, not twisting, and whether intentional or not it is quite typical that the planes roll is favored in the opposite direction of the propeller spin which is accurate in this render.

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That was not intentional for sure but it seemed realistic to me as well. I’ve applied a rotation to plane controller and tweaked the location of keyrames to get the slo-mo effect. :grinning:

Good camera work with the tracking at the end, did you use constraints for this?

thanks, i’ve applied a rotation keyframe to the camera

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