Spitfire animation

Here is my animation (with 3D sound !) for the UV mapping section of the course:

Again, a great course from Grant Abbit !
And I have to say I’m quite impressed how nice a rendering we can get with simple textures on so low poly geometry, as we can see on the plane and the buildings !


Very nice version of the new course section mapping and animation. Good work adding the sounds.


I love to see animations with work from the course. Looks fantastic and the first few seconds almost look real


That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking too.


Thanks @NP5 ! You’re always very supportive

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Thank you both @Gordon and @Miss_B ! I’m glad you appreciate it

I really like seeing everyone’s animation. These are so cool and it has so much polish. I really liked how all the different camera moves you had in there too!

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Amazing. I can tell I have a lot to learn. lol

The cinematography is just such good quality. I have no clue how to do this stuff! (yet)

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Thanks @4verageGamer.
No doubt you’ll get there soon!

Wow that’s great!

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