SpinFinity – Available on the App Store!

Hello Unity Students!

I’ve created a relatively simple space shooter game called SpinFinity for iOS. I made a good deal of this game by watching Ben’s space shooter tutorial.

I knew NOTHING about Unity or coding before taking the Complete Unity Developer course, have always been on the art side! This course is excellent Ben, much better than any other Unity courses I’ve seen on Udemy. You take the time to break down what we’re trying to do and to think about how to do it instead of just “write this code”. I’ve recommended the course to several of my colleagues.

You can check out SpinFinity here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/spinfinity/id1093617974?ls=1&mt=8
Gameplay footage: www.ruthnick.com/spinfinity




Oh my god!!! this is soooo awesome!!!
Congratulations Josh, It’s very inspiring to see such a nice game that came from an course colleague.

looking forward to play it if you release it for android too

I cannot test your game cuz I have phone with android but after watching the short video you posted on that websiste I can say it looks really good.

Thank you he.lukasz! Slowly working on getting it on Android, hopefully in the next month. Thanks for checking it out!

Thank you for the kind words Joao! Hope to get it on Android soon!

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Wow! … Good Job Josh. Your game really inspired me. How do you get the idea to develop that awesome game?

Looks amazing, dont have an Iphone, but watched the vid, stunning visuals and sound. definetly got that pick up n play feel, brilliant.

A Huge Well Done and all the best for release!

@ben Just thought you should get a ping to have a look at another students release success after the course :wink:

The game looks great! What did you use to record your gameplay video for the app store?

Thanks for the comment putrabiz! I was inspired by a game I played many years ago “Kosmo Spin” http://simogo.com/work/kosmo-spin/. A beautiful game and amazing developers. Ever since I played that game always wanted to do something with rotating the world around you.

Thank you for the kind words OboShape! Very SLOW release so far, but kind of expected that. Without Apple attention, you fight for every user you get! :wink:

Hi Mr. Roberts, thanks! Quicktime has a built-in mobile device capture function, used that for the screen cap.

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Thank you for the info!

Hey Udemites!

My game SpinFinity is available for FREE for a limited time on the app store! Would really appreciate a download and an honest rating! Thanks again, keep on coding!

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Oh my, what a gorgeous game! Nothing better than fun gameplay mixed with amazing 2D art! Great job! :smile:

Thank you Alex!!! Appreciate it! If you downloaded, I’d REALLY appreciate a rating/review in the AppStore! Could even cut and paste your comment above! :slight_smile: Thanks!!!

Sadly, I have android, so I couldn’t download it. Wish I could’ve though! :smile: Hopefully someday you will release it for multiple devices!

Thats a great game.
Gave it a great rating on the app store, I can see myself playing it a lot.

Question. What did you use to make the robotic voice?

All good Alex! Thanks for the kind words!

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the rating, much appreciated!!!

I made the voice by using the “text to speech” function in Text Edit on a Mac. Exported that into Garageband and added effects until it sounded like it currently does.

Thanks again!