Speeding Up Intellisense

Hey folks,
I am still newbie in these matters so please excuse me if I’m wrong somewhere here :smiley:
So for some time already probably everybody (including Ben) has been complaining about slow Intellisense in C++ with Unreal. This is due to the volume of Unreal header files which contain all the declarations of useful functions and macros we use.

Why would this work?
because every time you modify the source file,
intellisense will try to find the references made in your source by searching through all the paths provided.

So after some time spent on looking for solutions I came across this solution:

Somewhere in the course Ben mentioned Visual Assist as a viable source of “corrected Intellisense”, I heard it is really good as well as ReSharper (which is by the way free for all students), but I constrainted myself from downloading any additional software before digging deeper into the issue.

Click on the link and there you will find the solution to speeding up slow Intellisense.
It is probably the best and quickest method (Personally I do not know why Unreal does not configure it for us)


I have the 30 day trial running now. It improves lots of things, but the red squigglies still take quite a while to disappear.

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