Space shuttle with thrust sound and land on tower


SpaceShuttle.cs code

I have to say, the bigger challenge is preping video recordings for upload on a Mac. It took some playing with Soundflower to record screen audio directly, and ffmpeg to convert to mp4 for upload

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Very Nice Rocket! , do you mind telling me how you got custom shapes?
And how do you record screen videos ?


Thanks! I made the custom shapes using Blender. The screen recordings were done using CMD+SHIFT+5 in MacOS Mojave. To record audio I had to create a virtual audio device in MacOS using Soundflower. didn’t accept MacOS default video format (.mov), so I used ffmpeg to convert the video files to mp4.

The exact steps for everything are here in my Developer Log.

To save you time, you can just use my custom shapes, to get you going. The .obj files are what you import into Unity. Also, the shapes with “reversed normals” have their faces on the inside. That’s how I made the inside of the street lamps, wheel wells and thruster nozzles. It’s worth spending an hour or two playing around with Blender, once you’ve completed the Unity C# course.

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Hey @Waheed_Brown, Thanks for the information it seems i have much to learn about blender haha. I am only 30% through C# 3D but my next course will be blender and then 3D characters

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I really like your graphics, very nice!

Try . It’s free, but it’s also very cheap if you want to upgrade for more features. I was able to record with no problem (even audio with my microphone) and then trim either end. It was recommended by my professor because we have to make videos on each topic we cover, and now I use it all the time.

QuickTime is decent for recording your screen also. Either one is ok.

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