Space Espace - Deck Builder


Player Experience: Frantic

Essential Experience: SiFi Alien Predator Espace Experience

Player: 2 to 6 players game

Age: 10+

Victory Condition: You Build enough Gadgets to escape and defend from Alien who attack you spaceship. More than one player could end up escaping, in such case, player with high points gadgets wins.
Escape Pod (Last Zone)
Plasma Cannon
Laser Trap
Force Field
HyperDrive Accelerator

Loss Condition: If do not have enough gadgets to escape and defend then you loss. All players could also loss.

Game has 12 Rounds/Zones.
Each round is off 2 min as Audio.
Each round player could draw cards, exchange cards, buy cards or build gadget or hold cards for next round.
Player can do 3 actions from the 4 options: Draw/Exchange, Build and Buy
Draw Action can pick 2 cards
Exchange can cards from Discard pile which face up card, can exchange 2 cards of the same level
Buy player could get high level cards or discard multiple lower level cards to get higher level cards.
Build can build multiple gadget in a round and can upgrade some gadgets as well.
Hold Player can hold max of 8 cards at end of a round.


Cards are of three types: Keys, Strategy, Gadget.

Gadget: Actual Tools which player needs to escape, each gadget need combination of keys get the gadget.
Keys: Different Piece which combined together makes a gadget.
Strategy: This is like a wild card which when player will cause action mentioned on it.

Each Zone you will get 6 to 8 gadgets you could build.
Each gadgets have points on its, easier gadget need less keys and less points.

Keys are of 4 Shapes : Triangle, Diamond, Square & Circle (white energy)
Keys also have levels: 1, 2 & 3
Gadget would need would different level and shapes of keys to open box to access the gadget.

Obscuring Information:
Player will shop the gadget he/she unlocked after end of round and then flip them over.

Bluffing and Betrayal:
Player could Bluff what type of card still holding on too and was last round need higher level cards.
Strategy cards would cause disruption to game and can target particular player from win
No direct betrayal.

Zone which has crisis symbol, You have to pick two crisis card and have choice one.

List of Crisis.

1, You got attacked, Fight or Run

Fight : you have run of white energy, all gadget unlocked need new circle cards to make them useful again else they will be lost
Run: you will lose heaviest gadget (one of especial gadget with most points)

2, Chamber is losing pressure, build or run
Build: You have build oxygen mask (zero points) Oxygen mask need 1 square and 1 triangle, you can build again but you cannot draw any card only buy or exchange
Run: You run to next chamber, but you can only build anything this zone just buy, exchange, draw
3, Gas Leak, run or struggle
Run: You run to next chamber, but you have only time to build, no draw, no exchange, no buy.
Struggle: You struggle through the gas as result you become weak and you can have maximum of 6 cards instead of 8

One Player could play the alien fleet. Each zone has keys which player need to build to open the door. He/She need find the keys they needed. Keys are same as the other deck.

It Alien Fleet open the door the Attack crisis occurs player. Alien start only from zone 2.

Challenges Crisis needs to balanced and Alien Fleet need be bit more interesting.