Space Bowling - We're bowlers on the moon!

Hi everyone, I’ve released my version of Bowlmaster, called Space Bowling.

It is available at as a HTML5 (i.e. WebGL) game, and also has Windows and Android versions available for download.

It is also available on the Google Play store here:

The game is far from perfect, but I’ve put in a couple of configurable options and a how to play description.

One thing to note is that in the Windows version, the skybox in the background rotates, as well as the directional light source. I originally had the rotation happening in all versions, but in testing found that this had a significant performance impact on the Android and WebGL versions, so decided to disable it in those versions.

Any feedback would be appreciated, particularly if you have suggestions for improvement.


Nice and polished. Really enjoyed the music. Would be really cool if there was a zero gravity element.

Thanks Sam! I thought about including a zero gravity element, but didn’t really pursue it. I could have had the ball not be effected by gravity, so it just gets launched towards the pins from where it starts above the ground.

Actually, a funny zero gravity event did happen during development. I was writing code to reset the position and velocity of each pin after a frame is finished (rather than just instantiating a new set) and somehow resulted in the pins having gravity disabled. So, they would be reset, then start floating around! I fixed the issue pretty quickly but it was a funny bug!

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