Space Blockbreaker


Hi Guys,

For BlockBreaker I did some modifications of my own. I added a different set of backgrounds, changed the sprite for the ball, added a different set of cool sounds from and other neat tweaks. Check it out and let me know what you guys think. I hope you enjoy playing it :slight_smile:



Hi @Ragn0rus, really nice, well done.

The music is a good fit for the theme, although I might suggest that as the clip is fairly short it does get quite repetitive quite quickly, you might be able to get around this by having similar, but different clips every other scene/couple of scenes?

I only got to level 2 but enjoyed playing them, level 2 layout was a nice refreshing change.

I like the smooth space-themed background images, very cool, I would suggest that this does emphasise the difference between the background and block/bat imagery though, for those high gloss background images maybe some more “glossy” look bricks would suit?

The ball looks cool, one thing I noticed though, as I went in search of the vertical/horizontal bouncing for ever effect, was that you didn’t seem to have this problem! Yay! However… :wink: I did notice that it looks like you may have gravity turned on in order to avoid the problem. Whilst this seems to prevent the continual repetitive bouncing back and forth/up and down in straight lines issue, it felt a bit odd because the ball look as if it had lost power, yet the speed didn’t change. It also got a little frustrating at one point because of the way the ball would bounce off of the bat I couldn’t seem to ever get the ball high enough to hit the blocks again. If gravity is being used at the moment maybe there is an alternative method you could try?

The bat shape I thought suited the space theme nicely, it felt “spacey” if that makes any sense, but again, I could tell that it was a “block” in the middle, might be nice to now have a more specific looking sprite for the bat/ship?

The one thing that had me crying out “noooooooooooooooooo” was only having the one life! Especially after I finally got to level 2 and had cleared half of the blocks! More lives please! :slight_smile:

I thought your game over imagery was nice, but again, like the high def backgrounds this then made the text above/below the image I thought stand out, as if it wasn’t consistent. In my opinion (and that’s all it is), it felt as if it should either all be a bit “blocky” or, all “high def”… personally, I would maybe go with the latter as I think with your space theme it will work really nicely.

Some thoughts for future features, if you haven’t already made an exciting list of your own :slight_smile:

Lives! I would personally benefit by having more than one! :slight_smile:

Difficulty Levels - you could tie this in with the lives perhaps? Maybe the ball is faster by default on harder levels? Maybe you get less lives (3 on Pilot, 2 on Caption, 1 on Admiral levels or something similar)

Score? Perhaps not overly normal on a block breaker style game, but you could put a timer in the level, counting down from an amount of time (would need to play test how long is fair to complete a level and maybe alter based on difficulty level) - remaining time + blocks destroy = score? maybe extra points for harder to destroy blocks? Or maybe an amount of “energy” that can be spent on ricochets, each time the ball hits something (other than the bat perhaps), you lose 10 units of energy… remaining energy can be converted to score… etc etc

Power-ups! How cool would it be to increase the size of the bat, or shrink the size of the bat… how about a multi-ball where the existing ball splits into two or more… power-ball that ignores the number of hits and destroys everything in its path… “nuke”… destroys everything in one go (rare power-up perhaps)… just some ideas…

All in all what a great take on the Block Breaker game, well done, hoping that you will continue to do more on it and post up some more links to it, all of the above is meant in a constructive/positive manner :slight_smile:


Hi Rob,

Thank you for your feedback! I will look into other methods that could be used instead of the current gravity setting. I agree, it is odd. Good point about the blocks and the paddle. They can be updated to match the look of the space backgrounds. I had similar updates in mind, but I had to draw the line and get it to a state where it was good to start sharing the game :slight_smile: . I have the Score feature in my list and the power ups. The power-ball power up would be cool to have. I like the idea of adding more than one live and decreasing the number as the player progresses through each level. I will work on adding that. I really liked the music when I found it and assigned it for every scene, but now that you mention it, it would be more refreshing to have different background music per scene. Again thanks for the awesome feedback. I will take this information and use it to update my blockbreaker game and create the next version! :sunglasses:


Hi Michael,

You’re more than welcome, I hope it is of use, and please do let us all see any future updates you make. Not only is it really cool to see each student progressing further and further, but I think it is very inspiring for other students who are just starting to see what can be accomplished.

Again, well done :slight_smile: