[Sorta solved] How do I build my game with WebGL?

I’m trying to upload my Text 101 game for web use. I know Unity 5 no longer uses Web Player, so I tried to build in WebGL, but I get error messages. I get 3 errors when trying to build the player. I’m attaching screenshots with details. I’ve searched the web and couldn’t find a solution, other than use WebGL, because Web Player is obsolete. It always freezes up at ‘Building native binary…’ Any help would be appreciated.

3rd Error Details

Edit: I used a different computer and this worked fine. I don’t know why my computer got stuck on Building binary.

im guessing you downloaded Unity 2017?

I did the same and im getting alot of errors and cannot build to WebGL, the desktop version builds ok.

from the chatter I can see on the forums/blogs etc, theres alot of people having grief with the IL2CPP section of the GL builds. I havent found a fix as yet, ive removed everyting and reinstalled, even reinstalled an earlier version, but as yet nothing I have builds correctly, even a blank new project.

they did say that theres a patch coming in the next few days for the WebGLbhaviours that may solve it.
ill keep trying to see what I can find tho as nothing I have now builds to GL :frowning:

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