Soon (TM), exams will be easier to attend

Currently it’s indeed very hard to find a test and it’s a bummer.

However I had a chance to discuss this with the head of the certification department at unite Europe and unity is pursuing a partnership with Pearson (16.000 examination centres all around the world). And soon ™ all those centres will be hosting unity cert examinations all year round which is awesome news.

Amongst other news, he told me that the Unity Professional Programmer cert will be rolled out in January 2018

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I spoke to a Unity Cert representative about this at Unite Europe and learned you will also be able to take exams at home somewhere in the following year.

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at home seems unlikely, because cheating would be too easy. But pearson
centers are litterally everywhere so it’s the next best thing

I responded in a similar fashion but she assured me it was possible.

I used to work for a big secondment agency where certification was a kind of a big thing. Some of the exams could be done at home with a live webcam feed. They could do something similar, maybe with input and eye tracking but I agree with you that it seems unlikely. I guess we can only wait and find out.

A sidenote concerning cheating. A pretty common problem with Microsoft Certification is the use of Braindumps.

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