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We are looking for a Unity 3D Developer to join our team!

Unity 3D Network Developer

Job Duties

You will work from home full-time as part of a distributed team of developers, each working on separate but occasionally overlapping sections of code. You will be the primary developer for everything on the networking side within our Fantasy Grounds Unity application, working within an existing code base. Some refactoring is expected. Once released, the networking needs will be much less and we will look to shift you into other areas of development within the company. Additional work could include graphical/general Unity programming, server script programming, integration with 3rd party APIs, roleplaying game automation, game system framework development or mobile device development.

You must be able to work independently as part of a remote team.
B.S. in Computer Science, Game Development Studies or equivalent experience
2-5 years experience developing commercial software in Unity
Experience with one or more Unity networking toolsets, such as UNET or Photon
Experience with asynchronous file delivery mechanisms
Experience communicating with server environments
Advanced networking considerations, NAT punch-through, STUN and TURN servers, relay servers, matchmaking, asynchronous file and message delivery, Lobbies
Experience with voice and video applications is a plus
To apply, please email a full resume, cover letter and salary requirements to

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