[SOLVED] When building in unity 5 per window

When I do the build in unity 5 per the lecture in s04_54. It cause unity to freeze when it’s building. This is the where it freezes during the build.

I have let it sit for an hour to two. It does not get past this point. I saw somewhere that unity 5 use sceneloader now instead of levelload. could this be causing the problem?

I had the same problem with the text based game also and that did not have LevelLoad function.

I am running unity 5.6.03f. I built the game in 4.6. I have tried it on two different windows 10 64 bit OS.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated.

Dave Ward

You only need to open the build settings screen and drag the scenes into it then hit the “x” in the right top corner you don’t have to click on one of the options at the bottom. I am pretty sure this is the problem but without more information on the error cannot be for sure.

I am far past that part of the tutorial. I am trying to package it for distribution.
I am trying to build webGL so I would need to click build to do so correct? What other information would you need. I did try just building a simple scene1 press button to scene 2 using the unity 5 coding and It’s still freezing when I go to build the webGL files.

I am not certain but I do not think 5.0 and up supports WebGL anymore and that may be your issue at that point. Might want to read up on that to make sure but I am fairly certain.

I ran CCleaner on my computer and resolved some registry errors and that appeared to have solved the issue.

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