[SOLVED]Unity 5.5

Hi my problem is ; I am using unity 5.5 and i couldnt find how to declare or crate a state in visual studio.Thanks for help

Hi @Sarper_Dundar,

I’m assuming you mean with the enums, if so, it’s the same as shown in the course;

// Enumeration of our different states of the game
private enum States { cell, mirror, sheets_0, lock_0};

Note, I have shortened the full list of states that you create in the course.

To break down what is being stated in the above;

  • private is what is known as an access modifier, it determines the scope of access, in this case to the State enum.

  • enum is a keyword which is used to declare an enumeration.

  • State in this example is the name of the enumerated list.

  • The { and } characters are used to contain our enumerator list (a set of named constants), each item is comma separated.

I hope this helps.

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thanks for help i have rewatch video and i have missed a part we declare “State” with enum.Thats why when i write “State” in compiler it didnt respon to that.

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Glad you’ve resolved the issue and can move forward again :slight_smile:

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