[Solved]Unable to open video for this lecture

Anyone else experiencing this issue? I can’t load the video located at https://www.udemy.com/unitycourse/learn/v4/t/lecture/1893850.

I mean I skipped the video as suggested and completed the next section by myself but I would like to watch it just for completeness sake.

The next video / lecture loads fine though :confused:

Lecture 34 won’t load but 36 does (there is no video for 35)

Seriously no idea what was going on but after an hour suddenly it started loading -_-

I used the link you provided above and got taken to the video, it stated 0:00 / 0:00 - clicked on play and nothing happened. I hit F5 and it reloaded (after a little while) and appears to be fine now. I would guess at maybe some Udemy Gremlins, that said, if you’ve not had to do it yet, clearly the temporary internet files/cache often seems to help people when they encounter issues on Udemy.

Glad you’ve got it working again anyway :slight_smile:

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