[Solved] Sprite

It would be great if you uploaded the new paddle sprite in the lectures.
Many of us need it.

Hi @soumith_potturi,

From memory Ben does show you how to create it in the course, this is the paddle with the pointy ends yes?

Assuming so, you should be able to get it from downloading the source files for the relevant section from GitHub, I believe these are linked from the lectures in the course.

For your convenience however;

Click on the green button “Clone or Download” and then select whichever option you prefer. If it is only the paddle you are after, it would probably be quicker to download the zip file. The paddle can be found under /Assets/Sprites/Paddle.png

Hope this helps.

Yes got it, actually theres a separate link for the assets in every lecture whenever there is a new add on. So it wasn’t there for that particular lecture so i assumed they did not prove it.
Thanks alot!

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Aha! If that ever occurs again, just have a dig around in the following lecture or two and you’ll most likely see it :slight_smile:

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