[Solved] Section 6 Lecture 112 Collider Attached to Prefab Enemy but Not Detected by Script (MissingComponentException)

So… I made no changes, restarted Unity, and everything behaved properly.

Here’s another collider based issue I’m having.
MissingComponentException: There is no Collider attached to “Spinner(Clone)” game object, but a script is trying to access it.

Confirmed the presence of a 2D box Collider on the Spinner prefab, and the shot prefab.
Checked to confirm that I was using 2D colliders in each place they are referenced.
Checked other scripts for references that might be asking for a 3D collider, given that the exception seems to request one.
Confirmed that both the spinner enemy prefab and the shot have the same Z transform position.

Relevant Screenshot

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