[Solved]Package import problem

On importing my saved ‘menu.unitypackage’ which had been exported from my NumberWizard_UI project, I am able to display the ‘Start’ scene in the ‘Game’ tab, but on changing to the ‘Scene’ tab nothing is shown (only the camera icon)
This can be better explained by following screenshots:

  1. NumberWizard_UI from which I exported the menu system

2)Block Buster showing ‘Game’ tab with imported ‘Start’ scene displayed

3)Block Buster showing ‘Scene’ tab with zero ‘Start’ scene displayed

I must be doing something wrong, but just cannot figure out what…I’ve been through the videos a number of times already and my frustration level has now been exceeded :slight_smile:

Zoom out… or, double click one of the items within the canvas and it should centre the view on that item (thus correcting the zoom for you)

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Aha!.. I’ll have to remember that. Thanks.

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No problem. The double-clicking of an object in the heirarchy will centre it on the screen and also change the zoom so that it is more visible - quite handy for moments like this. I suspect if you changed the view panel layout (set it to default again etc) it may do the same thing, not tried it though.

If you could update your topic to state [Solved] that would be great.

Have fun with Laser Defender - look forward to seeing it :slight_smile:

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