[SOLVED] New Music Player instance seems to persist for ~50 ms

The music I chose has a very distinct (electronic) cymbal crash at the very start. Sometimes–not always–I’ll hear the tiniest bit of fuzz when clicking between scenes. It seems like the new instance of the music player starts, then lasts for 20-50 ms before the Destroy(gameObject) line is called. Is there any way around this–i.e., can the second instance be kept from being instantiated, rather than instantiated and then destroyed?

See below! It’s in the next video :slight_smile:

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And of course it’s literally the first thing discussed in the next video. Mods should feel free to delete.

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It could prove useful to another student that encounters the same issue. Happy to delete if you want but may be value in leaving :slight_smile:

Sure, leaving it for others can’t hurt :slight_smile:


Great, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for this! Was having the same problem and beginning to obsess over it! Will just continue to next section

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