[Solved] My music doesn't play when I run the game

When I ran the game yesterday, the music played perfectly. The lesson had us stop the second start of the music but when I play the game after adding my background, ball and the colliders and then ran the game I noticed that my music isn’t playing anymore. I turned the volume of the music up and still got zero sound. I was hoping someone could look at my code and tell me if I did something to mess it up ? I am totally at a loss on this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way, the console says the music is playing but I don’t hear it. I took screen shots of my code as well as the console output when I run the game.

This is my code:

And this is what the console says when I start the game:

How I solved it if anyone was wondering.

I did a basic trouble shoot of the music, my headphone and all that. The music clip played in my media player, so that must not be the problem. Then I had my husband look at the code, we did some trouble shooting (he is an Apex developer but has a lot of experience with several other languages). The code was not the problem. My headphones we not the problem as I could listen to my Pandora Radio just fine. Then it hit me, it is always the little stuff that gets caught up. I saved everything and then turned my computer off and let it chill overnight. I turned it on this morning and wouldn’t you now it, the problem was gone. Haha! I knew it had to be something silly!

Have you tried turning it off and then turning it back on again?

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