[Solved]Loss of transforms and rotations when converting to Unity 5

When I convert from U4.6 to U5, I have this strange error where the animation loses its transforms and rotations. Strangely, it keeps it scaling. When I test it with the ships, the animations are still there in the editor, but when the game loads, they only apply their scaling transform. Any ideas what is going on?

Edit: I found a solution: deselect the Apply Root Animation on the Animator.

I have the same problem, hope there is an easy solution to it.

If I remember right all that happens is it forgets the pointer to the animation controller for each object, so all you have to do is select each object that you are animating, and then re-select the animation controller for each object. There is no fast way you have to do it all yourself. I got all my 4 projects working in 5 now it just takes time to go through them.