[SOLVED] I tried to upload my game but I can't open it

Hello everyone,

I followed the instructions we were given to upload my game to gamebucket.io but when it was finished I just got a URL but the game doesn’t appear.

I get this:

I am completely new to this so please forgive my ignorance. I have downloaded and installed the unity web player like it asks but I still can’t access the game. The link to my game is:


If anyone can offer any advise I would greatly appreciate it. This is probably something silly that I am either doing or not doing. :slight_smile: Also, if anyone can play it please let me know what you think!

Thanks so much guys!

Hello @Simone_Dowsett,

When the course was originally written the version of Unity that was being used at the time provided support for the Unity Web Player. Unfortunately, the more popular web browsers no longer support the underlying technology required for the old Unity Web Player to run.

Things you can do…

  • Build a Stand Alone version and play the game on your computer (but outside of the Unity editor).
  • Upgrade your Unity version to 5.4.x upwards, which will then provide you with the WebGL functionality instead.
  • Progress further in to the course until you get to the section where you upgrade to Unity 5, then go back and update the earlier games.

WebGL has effectively replaced the Web Player, a component is no longer required to be installed on to the computers of those people who would play your game.

If you do decide to upgrade to a more recent version of Unity please be aware that you may run into a few version differences in upcoming lectures (Block Breaker / Laser Defender). Later in the course you do upgrade to Unity 5.x.x anyway, and the team have already provided additional lectures / resources which should cover any of the differences between the versions.

Of course, like anyone else, you could also post any questions here and someone will help you.

Thank you so much Rob! I am on my way up to visit family and I wanted to be able to show them my game. I am really proud of it. I got it worked out. Thanks again! Have a great weekend!

Glad to hear you have resolved the issue.

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