{solved} I have literally no idea how to share my game to GameBucket on a pc

I don’t even know how to begin uploading my game online using a PC, I am not that computer literate. When he says to build and upload the option to name the file doesn’t even come up and I have never been so lost.

make a new folder on your desktop and name it ‘my text101 game’.
when you go to build it choose the file on your desktop and then click save and the 2 files will be stored there.
if you have WinRAR, then choose the 2 files, right click and choose ‘add to archive’ and the choose zip.

if you have no idea how to zip files, then google ‘zip files online’ and there’s sites where you can upload the files and they will email you the zip.

after you have the zip file, containing the 2 files you saved from unity, go to www.gamebucket.io and click where it says upload, choose the zip file and it will take you to the link where your game is playable. make sure you save that link in a notepad or anywhere else.

if you’re using chrome it can’t play the game because unity is not supported. copy and paste the game link in internet explorer or mozilla and it should play !

thank you thank you thank you!! I’ve managed to upload the thing!!


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