[Solved] I accidentally deleted all my scripts

Hello! I accidentally deleted all my scripts and I cannot get them back. I am currently at lecture 79, and I would like to finish the course, but also I wouldn’t want to go again through all lectures and write again all the scripts. Is there a way to download them? I just need the ones for Block Breaker, up until lecture 79. Thank you very much!


You can get a copy of all of the scripts and assets for each step of the course using the links under Resources on Udemy. Look for the link which is named Lecture Code Changes.

  • Click on the Lecture Code Changes link.
    It will take you to GitHub for the relevant commit (version) of the files at that stage in the course.

  • Click on the _Browse Files option;

  • Click on the green Clone or Download button and choose the relevant option;

    If you haven’t used Git before, just download as a .zip file.

Looking at the lectures, the most recent set of code changes were in lecture 78 (which is quite handy for you);

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, Rob! You saved me! Have a nice day!

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You are more than welcome. Enjoy the rest of the course :slight_smile:

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