[Solved]Does GameBucket support WebGL?

Hey guys, does anyone know if GameBucket.io supports a WebGL build from Unity 5? Unity4 Web Build is no longer supported in Chrome and I was going to make a WebGL build of my slightly modified Text101 game.


I just did it anyway and it worked.


The game isn’t that different from the lesson really, I’m trying to brush back up on my programming right now and was more interested in making sure I knew how to code it.

Lol yeah it does support WebGL, that’s basically what it’s made for. :stuck_out_tongue: But GameBucket.io can only hold games online for like 30 days or something. But I do recommend itch.io for publishing and uploading games to any platform(WebGL, Standalone, etc.) :slight_smile:

I have some on Itch.io already. I didn’t think this really deserved to sit on my itch.io page since it’s pretty basic and follows the template of the lesson with only a few tweaks. I may try to make another that is way different, but I haven’t written it out yet.

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