[SOLVED] Confusion about camera viewport

Hi Guys!
My first dumb question is here.
I’m just doing the BlockBreaker tutorial, and everything is clear and simple except one thing.

As you can see on the attached photo, I have the canvas and a button on that, and at the left bottom corner, I have the backround and the camera set up, as the instructor did.

If I switch to the Game view, the background gets bigger, actually fits the viewport as it would if I start the game, but in scene view, it’s so tiny and it still sits at the bottom left.

Next confusion is that if I set the camera’s viewport size equal to the image’s size, why the whole canvas is shown when I start the game? I thought that it will show only the image, not the canvas.

So I know, it’s working, and it’s working right here too, but don’t understand why does the camera show the button and the whole canvas rather than just the image.

Yes, the canvas is deliberatel a different size to the camera viewport to show that they aren’t necessarily the same thing. It depends how you set up the camera.

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