[Solved] Collision Occurring But Console Output Not Occurring

When I run my game, the ball falls and collides with the lose collider, stopping. However, no line is printed to console with either the print() or Debug.Log() functions.

Changing print() to Debug.Log()
Tried with both checked and unchecked box for “Is Trigger” on lose collider.
Confirmed that both Ball and Lose Collider have the same Z position.

Initial Setup (Bottom is Lose Collider)

Ball Stopped By Collider

Ball Properties

Lose Collider Properties

Code Attached to Lose Collider

Capital O for the method names. So

void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D other) 
    Debug.Log("your output here");

Thank you very much. I appreciate the assistance.

You are welcome.

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