[SOLVED/BUG] Transform of z axis in animator will not save negative value

I am trying to get the star trophy to move in the opposite direction by utilizing the tutorials negative value but the inspector changes it to a large positive number every time.

What I type:

What it becomes:

This of course causes the image to rotate completely around. I have tried reloading Unity and using the mouse instead of directly typing it but no matter what the animator will not store a negative value. PLEASE HELP.

I browsed around and it seems that it is a bug with this unity version, but there is a workaround. It seems that if you try to do that rotation using the Dropsheet Curve instead of the inspector, it will keep the right value.

You my friend are a life saver! An interesting bug to say the least but at least now I can proceed past this problem.

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Im glad it is working now :slight_smile:

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