[Solved] 1 hit (1) and 1 hit (2)

I’m doing the lessons in Unity 5 instead of 4, in case that makes a difference.

I’ve created a prefab for the brick like it is done in the video, by cloning the paddle, then renaming it as 1 hit. The problem now is that when I create a new instance of the brick by dragging it into the hierarchy or the scene, the name of the new brick is always an incremental copy. They’re not “1 hit” they’re 1 hit (1) and 1 hit (2).

Is this going to be a problem later? I understand why a file system would want to do this, it makes a lot of sense really. I just dont want to get in too deep if it’s easy to change.

SOLVED Edit: Beside the name field, there’s a box marked “Static”. Checking that box seems to make all the prefabs generate as 1 hit, and it never adds the incremental name number.


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