[SOLUTION] Debugging on Android

Hi. I had problems using the basic instructions on the lecture, as well as the (excellent) info in the QA.

I was able to get Android debugging working only after I loaded the correct USB driver.

There’s an excellent guide here:


For me (Samsung Note Edge) I had to navigate through Sansung’s menus (which wasn’t easy as the model number is decorated with additional fields, but I figured it out), and had to download the “USB” driver. It won’t say “Developer” and the web page is pretty bare. I eventually figured out there was only one and that must be it :slight_smile: just look for “USB” under downloads and you’ll get it (if you have a Samsung). The link, above, which has a link to all phone drivers, was OK and got me there although I did have to search on Samsung’s site (it’s under support):

However, follow the first note to get ALL the drivers (unless you also have a Verizon Note Edge, lol).

== John ==

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