Soccanoid - My Block Breaker Game

Hi Everyone, hope you’re all having a nice day!

Here is the link to my version of the Block Breaker game, nicknamed Soccanoid :

Soccanoid on ShareMyGame

Be vary! The ball is getting a little faster each time it hits any of the blocks! Of course the speed is reset if you lose a life, or complete a stage.

I spent a lot of my free time to improve my game, here are some of the extras I came up with in the end:

1) A Life and Points system: You start with 3 lives, but can gain extra lives for each 2500 points you have gathered. You will carry over your life count into the next levels, so be careful!

Yellow block: 20 points

Blue block: 40 points

Purple block: 60 points

2) A fade-out/fade-in effect when switching scenes.

3) A soundtrack and a few extra sound effects.

4) A victory screen , to feel some kind of achievement upon completion of the game.

5) A constantly rolling ball , which I think adds a lot to the visuals.

I would be super glad if you gave Soccanoid a try! :slight_smile: Any feedback from you would be much appreciated!

Also an important question in the end:

Can I have copyright issues with a free game? I mean with the music and pictures I have added from the internet.

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Nicely done! I liked especially how you built a game around a theme which is obviously important to you. Your level design is very good and appealing even for non football fans (well…). I would make the game go a nodge faster though. Other than that, great going!

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Thank you Patricia for trying my game and taking the time to give a feedback as well!
I’m really glad you enjoyed the experience! :slight_smile:
Have you played through to the end? The first two levels are deliberately a bit easier so players can get used to the physics. But I think it gets harder starting from the 3rd level.
If you still didn’t find the difficulty challenging enough, I will consider upping the tempo for sure! :slight_smile:

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You are welcome:)
I made it a couple of times up to lvl 3 and one time to the end. I do miss the speed, but hey, that is just me:)

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Wow, you must have really quick reactions then - either that, or my friends need to git gud… :smiley:
Anyway I did change the starting tempo a bit, so I hope even skilled players like you can find a challenge from now on :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe it would be a good idea to introduce difficulty levels in the future.
Thank you once again, and have a nice day Patricia! :slight_smile:

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