So, what's your level of C++ experience?

I’d love to hear from you. Where in the world are you, and how much of this section can you already do with your eyes shut?

Hi Ben,
I am Nick :slight_smile: I already have visual studios express 2017 and visual code installed. I’ve setup my environment ready… Am happy to help anyone who gets stuck. looking forward to your next videos. I am guessing you will upload them as you do them. So I will check every now and then. I would say my level is intermediate in c++, VS Code I am new to but seems quite easy to use.

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I’m highly competent with system configuration and project management, so I intend to shadow each of the things you do in my own way. I will use WSL Debian (With VS Code through Explorer) for the Linux builds, I will use VS 2017 Pro for the Windows builds, etc. I’m not a particularly expert C++ developer, but I consider myself highly competent in the language given enough research on any particular concept. My main limitation is lack of experience and I hope to gain better development habits from going through this course and by being able to learn from Ben and the rest of our little team on the Redux! Talk to you all in the bright-and-early!

Hello people,

My name is Max and I have worked for Videogames in the past as a Business Developer and Game Economy Designer. I understand Game Design and love to use statistics for games, but my mission is to actually make them. I believe I can make economic simulations. My goal is to create the habit of doing more and thinking less, make a portfolio and improve my skills, and with some luck, publish good games that people enjoy.

To answer your question, I’ve done the Unity courses, both original and remastered, a bit of Blender and I tried doing Unreal, but failed because the more I studied the more I noticed I had to learn the fundamentals of programming. So it has taken a couple of years and I have just scratched the surface. I can understand the code I read, but I can’t write code on my own yet.

My biggest challenge is to be here and participate, post, make mistakes and learn. To publish no matter how “bad” my game is, accept feedback and give back to the group.

So, with nothing more to say, let’s get into it. Thank you for accepting me.


Hi my name is Anthony and I have no experience with C++, but I do have some experience with C# from Unity and intermediate knowledge of ASP, PHP, HTML and CSS from a web design basis.

I work in the IT industry and have over 20 years of experience with Servers, Networking, troubleshooting issues and most other aspects of day to day IT related stuff. Recently I have also started working with the Cloud by using AWS and Azure.

Being part of the community is great and I really hope that as well as getting answers to my own questions that I can use my experience in IT to help others out with theirs too.

I own most of the courses and have worked a little bit with Unity and Blender using their training to help me learn them. My goal is to create my own game one day that contains my own assets created in Blender and most likely programmed in Unreal Engine as it suits my style of game better.

Working with Ben and the other volunteers on the Unreal Engine redux I am hoping will help me focus on following and completing the course as I will feel the need to watch the videos each day in order to discuss them in our morning chats.

Thanks again for choosing me and look forward to speaking to you all tomorrow.

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Hey everybody,

I’m Adam, a University student currently on placement as a Game Developer. I’ve had a year of working with C++ (from classes) and got about halfway through the original course before having to learn Unity for my placement. I was planning to start the course from scratch in a few weeks but the chance to review the remaster came along so here I am.

Looking forward to meeting everyone soon. It’s gonna be awesome!

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Wow, awesome engagement guys, thanks for being here!

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I’m Lucas, Computing Studies graduate, currently looking for a Job. Even though the Unreal course was the first GameDev course I picked up, nearly 3 years ago! I am not very confident with using C++, I completed the first 2 games but then decided to move onto the Unity Course. I am excited and determined to gain better skills in using C++ and the Unreal engine.

Thank’s for the opportunity to be in the review group for this course :smiley:

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Hi all,

My name is Josh and I’m from Huntsville, AL USA. My experience with C++ has reverted back to total n00b status. Last time I used it was years ago writing a side-scroller game using SDL.

A bit about me; I’ve been writing software for 6 or so years now and love it! My job has me developing web/mobile apps and maintaining backend services. Outside the workplace I moonlight working on a side hustle with a few friends. Random fact: I use vim and suck at emacs :joy:

I’m excited to learn alongside everyone!
Cheer and talk to you all soon :beers:

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Hello, World!

My name is Ray and I have little to no experience with C++ (or much other code for that matter. I did print(“Hello, World!”) in Python once or twice though!

I am originally from the USA but I am in Poland with a LOT of free time and using that time to learn about programming but more specifically, to use the Unreal Editor as fully as possible.

As much as gaming would be a proud achievement (Hello, Unreal Remake…), I would like to use the Unreal Ed to create movies or an online series of some sorts. I think with technology as it is, using the Unreal engine to create a short film is doable (and would make good use of that TV/Film Production degree I got three years ago).

Anyhow, have fun, ya’ll!

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I’m a sick, sick man…

Hello Everybody,

My name is Bryant, so if I start with my experience at C++ I would say beginner, but at the same time I would also say i have good understanding the language and syntax, just never taken anything beyond the original Unreal course or command line applications. The biggest challenge I think I have had is integrating the all the libraries together to make windows apps.

I think I have been with Ben and from beginning, the Unity course was just starting, I may have even been part of the Kickstarter. I guess the credits would tell us. I became a lifetime member with Unreal. I have far more experience in C# than C++.

Professionally I have been in IT for 20 years, mainly servers, networking and security. So I have some experience in scripting languages as well, but to be honest, I have also had little use for them.

So what do I expect as part of this group? The chance to contribute and work with Ben to be honest, I am curious as to his process for developing the course, but also like to opportunity to provide feedback into the creation. I have more experience with Unity, but I have always been drawn to Unreal. Not sure why, and I don’t want to start that debate. I am an avid learner especially programming.

Ok, I am done rambling

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@ben found my post…

Hi! My name is Pascal, I am from Germany. I have a media background and love games and everything technical. Some time ago I decided to live my dream and combine my love for technology and games and try to make a career switch to gameplay programmer.

My experience in C++ is intermediate. It was the language I chose to start programming and using it to learn about algorithms, design patterns, memory allocation and so on really helped me to understand how computers are working and how to properly use C++. I still got a long way before me and a lot to learn and am very excited for all the Unreal/ C++ related content you are offering us :slight_smile:

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A very warm welcome to the community @theastrowolfe :slight_smile:

Hey guys!

Steve here, from sunny Southern California! I’ve been working with C++ for over 20 years and am currently a professional game developer. I’ve worked on two AAA projects developed with UE4 and am currently working on a third. Feel free to reach out to me with questions about C++, UE4, or the industry in general. My work keeps me busy, but one of my goals is to become a more active member in this fantastic community.


I currently live in New Zealand. I do not have much background in c++ at all… everything I used to know dates back 10-12 years ago… I work as a VFX-Artist on Movies and I use python for some automation here and there,… but nothing to fancy.

I did a c++ introduction course before starting this c++ Unreal engine course… so… lets see how far I get…

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