So my first game upload

Here is the link to my first game that I’ve uploaded for the course. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!

I thought your prison graphic was too big, your text was too small. When you take your sheets the text in the cell in the first screen doesn’t update to indicate about that or the mirror, if you walk back into your cell you have to go about getting a piece of the mirror again to open the gate lock, you can take the bedsheets and the mirror screw an infinite amount of times. I get the sense that this game is not programmed correctly, like maybe you are not using booleans to determine states instead states are arrived at sequentially, which means that you have to go back from the beggining when not on the correct path of states. It is playable however.

Thanks for the feedback. In the example given by Ben, a bool system isn’t used, therefore you’d have to pick up the items over and over and there wouldn’t be limitation on how many times you could take an item. Storing the items in an inventory such as array would be good but we haven’t covered that just yet and I don’t want to get ahead of myself. The game is programmed correctly because in the demo and GDD states are arrived at sequentially and bools aren’t used. If you look at the GDD, the simple version is very sequential since you have to input a certain variation of keys every time and not as true/false situation. Thanks for the feedback though.

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