Sneaking suspicion the world ended

I want to create a world where you master magic and medieval weaponry, as you play you realize that the world around you may be older than it seems, and that humanity has forgotten more than it thinks, What year is it really? (Hint, the world ended and the story is actually about a futuristic dystopian society that has regressed to the medieval era over a thousand years)

My player experience is this…

Whats really happening here?

I like it however it seems to be a bit overdone there gotta be some more lighter aspects to the future cause everyone seems to be going to a self for filling proficiency that the future is bad

That may be because most of what we have to base the future on are past events (significant ones such as world wars and the way as a species we treat one another - with the exception of the aweness of this forum :slight_smile: ) and the present. Whilst many wonderful and good things happen all over the world on a daily basis, the media reports a higher percentage of bad than good. It is always easier to focus on the negative than the positive…

If the future was rosy, what problem or challenge would there be to overcome. If all of the society was happy, healthy and able, what would upset people enough to challenge authority? Uprisings, poverty, disease, wars - they all help control population. Even taking the Matrix films as an example, whilst they had their illusions and we not originally aware that they were part of the machine world, they didn’t all have good days. Neo’s apartment was fairly run down.

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