Small issue with transparency

Some of the grass is far too transparent, but I think it wont matter if we have a field of it.
After looking at everyone elses… Mine is a bit boring, but here it is anyhow!

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You are almost there friend. Make sure your image’s alpha is linked to “fac” in the mix sahder node.

I think what you may be referring to as it being “too transparent” could be due to the lighting and the way it is reflecting in the scene. Once you are further into the lectures and have multiple blades of grass, which is rarely a focal point of most scenes, I think you will see a big difference.

Transparency and myself are not good friends and haven’t been for years! I can’t recall if Michael shows you in the lectures but, there is an add on package with Blender that may help you with transparencies. It is called Image as Planes. It can be found in User Preferences > Add Ons > In search box type plane and you should see Import-Export: Images as Planes, check the box to enable the add on, save your user preferences.

Once enabled, you should be able to import an image with a transparent background as a plane. You do the import via the File menu. BE SURE when you import , you put a check mark in the ALPA box and switch to straight to premultiplied then proceed with your upload. After importing, you can check the materials on the plane in Cycle and should see it has set up some simple preliminary nodes for you.

Partial screen shot of Add On Menu.

Partial screen shot of where to set Alpha when chosing which texture to upload.

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