Small garage sketch

Hey there!

I decided to sketch out a simple garage building. I made sketches of two floors and a front view so that I could make the model from different angles. Thanks to some scaling and moving I also matched the grid scale on the pages with the grid in Blender so that everything could be to-scale.

Floor 1

Floor 2

Front view

I also noticed that the backgrounds start to go all wonky when they intersect. Maybe there is a way to make this look better, but I think this will do for now, as I will mostly be using only one page at a time to model.


The grid paper Actually really makes a ton of sense -
I noticed this was posted in December – how did it turn out?

looks kinda like a parralax – with the reference images on top of each other – do they intersect?

I was doing this model when only lesson 161 of the course was out. I decided to just do the walls and floors and wait for more lessons. As you can see I waited a tad bit too long :sweat_smile: I have a lot of remembering to do so I’ll be starting the chapter over and will continue posting as I’m making further progress :smile:

Only the 2nd floor and front view images are intersecting.