Slow but still making progress :)


Water simulation was just my personal practice
it was really hard… To be honest, for now, I can’t remember any procedure to make that again.
Next, Shack on the island was my Mid-Section challenge for section 2 - 26th class

By the way, Udemy is extremely slow in my country… too many buffering make it really hard to watch the courses straight


this is cool! Nice job. I still don’t know how to do water :sweat_drops:

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If you use Udemy’s Mobile app, you can download the full video before starting it.


Nice scenes!

I think the house scene would look nice with a freestyle outline :smiley:

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I don’t know either XD
I just did it watching another youtube guide :slight_smile:
but Someday soon I will be able to do it :wink:


Oh! thank you for your kindness!
I’ll give a shot right now :relaxed:


Free style outline? I think I need to google that word first XD
but thank you for your advice :slight_smile:
I’ll try it soon :3


Yep in Render Settings just check the freestyle box and render again.
The default settings already give some nice result.
(I don’t know how to tweak the lines yet, i know where which is in Scene Settings bit don’t really know which options does what. It’s another beast inside of blender)

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YouTube is the best - this course is good too though. Cheers to kind of knowing something but not really, but still being able to make cool content like this anyway! I dig it.

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