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Regarding the Onebox support for SketchFab, it seems to be acting a little bit oddly…

Newer URLs dont seem to be behaving the way the older ones did - could be coincidence…

Is there a separate plugin that you have installed for SketchFab @Ben, or does it just use Onebox? If so, is the domain still correct in the whitelist? Seems like a daft question being that some older ones seem to work and new ones dont, but thought I’d ask…

See here for examples;

URLs have been given a line above and below and are on the line by themselves…

Updated Wed Nov 30 2016 17:32

I think this is in the process of being fixed, or rather, a fix is in place which now needs to go through the release process.

It looks like the more recent version of Discourse has removed the necessity for whitelisting the domains and now tries to onebox everything, however SketchFab may not have been taken into account during that change.

Support Discussion

GitHub Discourse Onebox Repo

Have asked to see if we can get an eta on the release of the fix, will update as I find out.

Appreciate this may seem fairly minor but I think the embedded SketchFab models really add benefit on the forums, more so than the OpenGraph display. Hopefully the fix will help a few other people with Discourse forums too! :slight_smile:

@codinghorror worth noting this issue as a bit of a “coding horror” for users like us who make extensive use of Onebox embeds.

Thanks for making a great service, and being so responsive.


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It’s been fixed. I’d not realised that the GitHub update was after the fix etc, I had assumed it needed more work. Falco updated me on that and, yeah, it’s all sorted.

I will update some of the links this evening to get around the cache issue and then everything will look glorious again :slight_smile:

Fantastic support from Discourse peoples today, and Bart from SketchFab also… everyone was really responsive - awesome :slight_smile:

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